I offer a number of property maintenance services in Lincolnshire and the Scottish Highlands. I can also offer services throughout the country. My services cover domestic, industrial, commercial and hospitality.

My skills include all aspects of decorating including paperhanging and airless spraying. I also cover many specialist areas such as: the application of hygiene coatings, waterproofing leaking roofs, and specialist wood repairs systems when replacement may not be an option, or is more financially beneficial.

See below for more details about my services or give me a call to discuss your requirements.

Painting and decorating

Whether you are just looking to freshen up a room or get your property ready for sale or rental, I can help.

Preventative Maintenance

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance focusses on a prime aim of maintenance is to preserve a building in its initial state, as far as is practicable, so that it effectively serves its purpose. Some of the main purposes of maintaining buildings are:

  • Retaining value of investment
  • Maintaining the building in a condition in which it continues to fulfil its function.
  • Presents a good appearance.

Why is Preventative Maintenance important? 

  • To ensure the safety of occupants, visitors and the general public.
  • To maintain services such as heating and lighting.
  • To maintain decorative surfaces and carry out adequate cleaning.

Priority guidelines could be as follows:


  • Work required for Health & Safety, such as emergency exits and fire precautions. Ensure ablutions function correctly. (Very  urgent).
  • Work required to preserve the structure, such as essential roof repairs and external painting. (Urgent).
  • Amenity work, mainly internal, such as interior decoration and cleaning.
  • Total loss of power, water. (Emergency).

Grounds Maintenance

I offer grounds maintenance services from hedge removal to general  gardening services and maintenance. Get in touch now for a quote.

Pest Control

I am fully qualified in all aspects of rodent control and have carried out contracts for Utility Companies and the MOD. I use both traditional methods and modern. For rabbits we use ferreting initially and Aluminium Phosphide for which I hold the the necessary qualifications.

For rats & mice we have used traps and poisoning, again I hold the necessary qualifications.
I have been called in to clear deer from airfields, initially using driving tactics, but I hold the DSC 2 Qualification for Deer Management also should culling be called for. Hares are also a nuisance on airfields, these are culled using the rifle.